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Compliance related demands from external regulators and internal stakeholders continue to increase, which is an important consideration for the entire organization. Because the scope of risk begins with the core asset of the organization itself, HR plays a significant role in managing this risk.

“It’s never been easier for us to send memos and letters.” “With WorkSmartly, we are able to fit in our Flexi Benefit that most of our employees have requested for complying with the European practice to our Asia Pacific operations.” - A Swiss multinational health-care company.

Not responding appropriately to these rising demands can leave an enterprise at risk of non-compliance, and result in damages such as:

Negative impact on potential earnings opportunities.

Loss of confidence from investors.

Impact on the ability to operate the business effectively.

Damage to reputation and brand.

Fines and penalties to the enterprise and potential employees themselves.

WorkSmartly delivers an innovative approach to human capital management, labor law, regulations and the technology that supports regional compliance by helping the HR, finance, and legal departments and the enterprise management teams navigate regulatory compliances successfully. WorkSmartly does this by helping our clients to:

Minimize exposure to non-compliance risk by providing timely regulatory updates.

Ensure compliance with regional legislation by making it easier for enterprises to prepare reports with greater accuracy when requested by relevant parties.

Work with a flexible system that is designed to adjust and meet the unique needs of localized legal compliance in the place where the business operates.

A Swiss multinational health-care company is one of our many satisfied clients who have been using our Digital Talent Management Modules, which assisted them to implement a global Benefit Claim module called Flexi Benefit in Asia Pacific region. This gives their employees the opportunity to utilize their allowance to their best need which is a regular practice in the European countries. As such, with the flexibility of the system, it is able to accommodate such compliance not just in their HQ but in their regional offices. The HR Document that features e-signature made it convenient for them to send and keep track of such notices, Memos, Letters, etc. They also use the Skill Development module for all the training in the company where they can record, develop and deliver effective learning contents.