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Enterprises are challenged with finding, recruiting, onboarding and retaining the right people to fill critical skills gaps. At the same time, employees are not feeling empowered to develop the skills they need to keep up with the demand, and increase their contribution levels.

“Using WorkSmartly’s HR system, it became very easy to generate reports for my analysis.” “It has improved the communication between the employees and the management.” -A leading automotive company.

Not responding to the market’s demand for better employee experiences and tools to automate current manual processes could lead to:

Inability to recruit top talent in your organization.

Loss of current employees due to inability to keep skills fresh, and no growth opportunity in their career and retire happily.

Longer timelines for recruiting and onboarding talent, resulting in more time to value with new hires.

WorkSmartly’s complete HR suite helps enterprises navigate the employee lifecycle -- from hire to retire, and bridge the skills gap with online performance management and evaluation tools that streamline and simplify the end-to-end process of the employee’s life with the business.

Enables practical hiring with fewer errors, easing the burden of paper applications with an online recruitment process.

Provides a more engaging, faster and productive onboarding experience by enabling employees to complete their own onboarding requirements online ahead of time.

Helps bridge the skills gap and gives enterprises the edge to attract and retain top talent by providing online performance management and evaluation tool.

Helps minimize the risk of errors, and decrease time to process compensation and benefits by managing them electronically rather than manually.

Empowers employees with the liberty of managing their personal data, better retirement plan options, and independence to select more value adding activities during their stay with the organization.

A leading one-stop-shopping mall retailer of digital gadgets had transformed their server-based HR management system into a cloud-based solution which enables employee self-service and reduces a tremendous amount of paperwork. WorkSmartly helped to implement the integrated HR system and let their more than 2,000 employees to perform their HR operation over various devices –laptop, desktop and mobile phone on their own. In early 2017, WorkSmartly also implemented HR Business Analytics that provide insights for management decision making.