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About Us

As the digital age evolves so do your HR needs. Innovation and accessibility are the keys to your digital success. At WorkSmartly, we enable organizations to realize their current and future workforce’s potential with our powerful and user-friendly digitized HR platform. We are a fast-growing cloud- based talent management solution provider, dedicated to supporting organizations, in today’s fast- moving Digital Age, to gain knowledge regarding their workforce and organizational growth.

WorkSmartly manages every step of your workforce’s life cycle from Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll, Compensation, Talent Development, Performance Management and Appraisal, Career Succession to Analytics and Business Strategizing

We pride ourselves on our integrated, interactive, and intelligent solution which is entirely customizable according to your organization’s compliance, work processes, business needs, and strategies. Our system features and modules are relevant to enterprises of all sizes. We have a very strong presence in the HR Solution market with a fast growing number of prestigious organizations making the most of our software, not just regionally but joining us globally at a rapid rate.









Why WorkSmartly?

WorkSmartly's inherent idea is Digitizing Enterprise HR processes, making all related HR management processes flawless.

WorkSmartly has successfully delivered more than 100 Digital HR transformation projects to FORTUNE 500 companies. As a fast-growing and innovative digital HR Company, our delivery approach turns people management and project into strategies, which deliver results in line with your enterprise's goals.